Hitcounts of different cards

Hello, what does the hitcounts on each type of card affect? I know more hitcounts = more star generation, but do NP gain and damage increase too?


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I have not found anything talking about damage itself in comparison between say, a buster with 1 hit or a buster with 5 hits, but np gain and crit star generation are heavily affected by hitcounts. Regarding the Musashi comment from before, the double hitcount situation only applies to Musashi since she’s the only servant in the game who can actually double her hitcounts, and it only increases her damage output by 30% if you max out that skill, since it halves the base damage by 50% to compensate for 2x hits. It mainly affects her star and np generation.
NP gen does increase. In cases of damage, it does increase on servants like Miyamoto Musashi, who benefits from double the hitcount.

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