Are 3 star CEs worth keeping


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I keep Black Keys so God Kotomine, the Saint and Ruler of the Gachas can see that i appreciate his fucking swords so i don't get them when I do a 10 SQ roll. It's working. I had the Arts one maxed, yesterday i rolled one Vlad III [My second one] and one Iskandar in the same roll.
Yes, I would advice you to keep at least five copies of the same 3 stars CEs to max limit break as even though the effect is quite lacking compared to 4 and 5 stars CEs, it has the advantage of having a low team cost so you can fit in within a party easily even with a low team cost limit.

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What do i get for competing the interlude for a character? Do i get anything else aside from sain...

Where can i get serpent jewels

i need more serpent jewels to ascension gilgamesh, where can i farm.



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Could I get a pic? Would love to see him maxed, to get an idea, as I'm currently at level 90...
Idon't have much problem regarding her np gain, with her triple arts deck, she'll be ab...
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