Are 3 star CEs worth keeping


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I keep Black Keys so God Kotomine, the Saint and Ruler of the Gachas can see that i appreciate his fucking swords so i don't get them when I do a 10 SQ roll. It's working. I had the Arts one maxed, yesterday i rolled one Vlad III [My second one] and one Iskandar in the same roll.
Yes, I would advice you to keep at least five copies of the same 3 stars CEs to max limit break as even though the effect is quite lacking compared to 4 and 5 stars CEs, it has the advantage of having a low team cost so you can fit in within a party easily even with a low team cost limit.

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Where can i get serpent jewels

i need more serpent jewels to ascension gilgamesh, where can i farm.



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