A good team?

I've been playing the JP version for quite some time and would like to know you guys opinions on my current team set up.

First row: Jeanne Alter; Jack the Ripper; Support Member (Usually Cu Chulainn alter)

Second Row:Yorimitsu (Berserker); Altria Pendragon (The one true version); Mash or Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)

Everyone at last level of ascension


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Personally I'd put that friend support Cu Alter in the first slot of the backrow and put a supportive servant like Hans (or Waver if you've got him) in the third slot, dropping Arturia from the team for him. Jalter really really appreciates support, and the crit buff and passive star gen Hans provides is perfect for her.
Jeanne Alter will be the wall of the front, leading Saber Alter & Cu Chulain Alter at the back with her white flag, resulting in an alter squad of darkness with buster oriented deck.
I am the one who started this post,and i would like to ask: Which servant would be a nice addition to make the team better?
Hi! At a quick glance, it seems that your team has close to no sustainability for tough events. I'd recommend picking a support servant in your friend slot as compared to Cu alter. So far it seems fine, as Jack and Jalter are a pretty potent combo.

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