Searching for Counterfeit - Tour in the Fake Art Gallery ~Louvre~

Fate Grand Order, Searching for Counterfeit - Tour in the Fake Art Gallery ~Louvre~, Guide
[US] Fate Grand Order
How to unlock/max Irisviel
update 02/04/2018

Battle Outline

The first HP entry refer to the 'Real' Servant, and the second HP entry refer to the 'Fake' Servant.

1/3Zhuge Liang50/65Caster 23,357/23,376
Anne Bonny & Mary Read50/48Rider 25,555/25,587
Beowulf49/65Berserker 24,209/25,309
2/3Carmilla 80/82Assassin 54,459/54,535
3/3Le Chevalier D'Eon70/66Saber 44,380/45,485
Atalante75/74Archer 40,033/40,216
Jeanne d'Arc / Jeanne d'Arc (Alter)90/80Ruler/Avenger 148,500/230,000


Battle 1

  • Prioritize on Zhuge Liang first since he'll be able to fill up the whole enemy team's NP level in a short time, even moreso if he's not defeated first.
  • Aside of Zhuge Liang, all the enemy NP is single-target. So utilize Taunt... but be careful when using Evade (not Invincibility) as a tanking method: Beowulf's NP bypasses it.

Battle 2

  • Carmilla is an Assassin with an NP boost, so she will be able to unleash a short NP. Be careful and prioritize her, especially since she can get two actions per turn due to the enemy team only having 2 members.

Battle 3

  • If you can, target Atalante first, because she only needs 3 turns to unleash her AoE NP.
  • If the normal Jeanne is your opponent, leave her for the last (take out d'Eon first) since her NP when alone will inflict her with 1 turn stun, which you can use for a breather. Not to mention thanks to her class being Ruler, she takes lesser damage to almost all of your classes, taking her out will take more time.
  • If Jeanne Alter is your opponent, then take her out next since she is a potent damage dealer and can even deal extra damage to your own Rulers. Thankfully, being an Avenger, she takes normal damage from everyone.

Strategies and Recommended Servants

  • Due to the class varieties that make up the majority of the enemies, it's more recommended to use Berserkers as your main damage dealer.
  • In addition of a Berserker, use a Caster as your main sustaining Servant, with Mash as your main protector to utilize taunts against single-target NP Servants.
  • Edmond Dantes can be used here since he's not weak against the other Servants, have an AoE NP to quicken overall clearing of the earlier waves and in any chance you faced the original Jeanne, he'll be strong against her.

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