Privateer Brigade

1Pirate x328Archer3,136
2Pirate x334Saber3,838
3Pirate Leader x140Saber13,332
Pirate x238Archer8,232

Pirate's Hideout

1Pirate x330Archer3,332
2Pirate x334Berserker3,420
3Shadow Francis Drake x148Rider61,304
Pirate x240Archer8,624

Cursed Pirates

1Pirate Zombie x332Archer6,860
2Shadow Eric Bloodaxe x148Berserker72,362
Pirate x238Berserker14,760

Bull's Labyrinth

1Dragon Tooth Warrior x328Archer9,719
2Dragon Tooth Warrior x332Saber11,398
3Dragon Tooth Warrior x240Saber14,161
Shadow Asterios x146Berserker64,202

Ship Graveyard

1Skeleton x334Archer7,252
2Skeleton x250Archer10,388
Lamia x140Caster33,795
3Lamia x240Caster56,325
Naga x142Caster70,383

Free Ocean

1Golem x240Berserker20,922
2Pirate x236Archer3,920
Stone Golem x130Berserker30,759
3Pirate Leader x144Archer9,408
Iron Golem x132Berserker54,999
Pirate x134Archer

Dragon's Paradise

1Wyvern x224Rider9,071
2 Wyvern Dread x332Rider22,116
3Wyvern x240Rider14,877
Wyvern Evil x134Rider52,876

Unexplored Island

1Werewolf x240Saber23,603
Centaur x152Rider30,528
2Werewolf x342Saber24,755
3Centaur x254Rider31,680
Centaur x158Rider67,968

Wandering Ghost Ship

1Ghost x326Assassin8,772
2Ghost x240Assassin13,320
Terror Ghost x134Assassin27,887
3Terror Ghost x132Assassin26,262
Terror Ghost x140Assassin54,601

Peaceful Cove

1Pirate Zombie x336Saber7,878
2Dragon Tooth Warrior x333Saber11,743
3Shadow Heracles x140Berserker96,896
Shadow Medea [Lily] x155Caster75,744

Hidden Island

1Poison Hermit Crab x126Saber7,565
Giant Hermit Crab x229Saber5,711
2Giant Hermit Crab x229Saber11,421
Poison Hermit Crab x126Saber15,130
3Giant Hermit Crab x239Saber20,318
Millenium Hermit Crab x126Saber131,519

Secret Route

1Amazoness x236Saber23,543
Amazoness x136Lancer23,776
2Amazoness x236Lancer25,061
Amazoness Leader x136Archer68,453
3Amazoness Leader x144Lancer74,613
Amazoness Leader x150Archer81,389


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