Nero Fest 2017 Autumn Exhibition Match (2017 New Matches)

Fate Grand Order Nero Festival 2017 Autumn exhibition match 2017 new matches, guide, tips, and strategies.
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update 13/09/2017

Act 1: Muscle of Super-Regeneration


Wave 1

Mindless One (Berserker) x3

Wave 2

Spartacus (Berserker) 3 Breaks:
401,820 HP
499,560 HP
575,580 HP

How to beat Spartacus

Spartacus skills

  • (At start of battle) Applies Buster performance down to all frontline Servants for 3 turns.
  • (Unremovable) Recovers 100,000 HP at the end of every turn + Greatly Increased Critical Rate against King Servants.
  • Grants 3 delayed HP Recovery skills (heals 90,000 HP, each activate at turns 3, 6, and 9 respectively). Recasts when removed, or when the duration is up.
  • (Active skill) Fills one NP bar.
  • (Active skill - Unremovable) Drains HP to gain Damage Up.
  • (Break 1 & 2) Recasts the 3 delayed HP Recovery skills.

Act 2: Great Gokumaru's Malediction


Wave 1

Oni Imp (Saber) x3

Wave 2

Suzuka Gozen (Saber) 3 Breaks:
272,916 HP
311,904 HP
363,888 HP

How to beat Suzuka Gozen

Suzuka Gozen's skills

  • (Unremovable) Reduced NP gain when she hits party servants.
  • Applies a Taunt debuff to a random party member in her turn for one turn.
  • (Initial - Unremovable - Removed at Break 1) The following buffs are applied in cycles at the start of every turn:
    [1] Changing Weakness - Quick: Increases resistance to Arts and Buster cards for one turn.
    [2] Changing Weakness - Arts : Increases resistance to Quick and Buster cards for one turn.
    [3] Changing Weakness - Buster : Increases resistance to Quick and Arts cards for one turn.

  • (Break 1 - Unremovable - Removed at Break 2) Changes class at the start of every turn. (Class cycles between Lancer > Rider > Caster).

  • (Break 2 - Unremovable) Gain reduced damage from all sources.
  • (Break 2 - Unremovable) If she is hit by a Servant with the correct alignment, applies a debuff on herself, which decreases her damage reduction. The correct alignment changes every turn, between Good(善), Neutral(中庸), or Evil(悪).

Act 3: Fall Like Rain, Meteor


Wave 1

Sea Demon (Archer) x3

Wave 2

Arash (Archer)
5,308,380 HP

How to beat Arash

Arash's skills

  • (Unremovable) NP pierces Invulnerability and Evasion.
  • (Unremovable) Guts 3 times (2,100,000 HP).
  • (Unremovable) Buff Removal Resistance Up.
  • (Unremovable) Stun Immunity.
  • (Activated the turn after his third Guts is used) Charge NP gauge to max and apply Guts (1 time) to self.


  • The most effective way to win this battle is to let him unleash Stella five times, thus killing himself.
  • There are two major ways to survive these Stellas:
    [1] Defense buff stacking (100%). Recommended Servants: Tamamo no Mae, Mash Kyrielight, Zhuge Liang
    [2] Guts. Recommended Servants: Irisviel von Einzbern, Heracles (with bond CE), Nero Claudius (*4 version)


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