4th Singularity: London

Fate Grand Order 4th Singularity London, the Mist City, farming items, enemy info, tips and guides.
[JP] Fate Grand Order
Da Vinci event farming tips!
update 29/12/2017
1Spellbook x235Caster7,731
Thunder Book x335Caster15,731
Helter Skelter x144Saber57,440

9. Opportunity

Part 1

1Helter Skelter x336Saber9,380
2Helter Skelter x340Saber13,710

part 2

1Helter Skelter x237Saber11,502
Helter Skelter x136Saber18,352
2Helter Skelter x136Saber18,352
Helter Skelter x138Saber25,234

10. Glorious End of Steam

Part 1

1Helter Skelter x338Saber10,663
2Helter Skelter x142Saber181,174

Part 2

1Helter Skelter x142Saber 19,152
2Automata x240Assassin 7,075
Helter Skelter x142Saber 12,259
3Homunculus x140Lancer 12,164
Proto Homunculus x135Lancer 18,615
Helter Skelter x145Saber 22,259

Part 3

1Helter Skelter x142Saber 20,193
2Homunculus x140Lancer 12,164
Helter Skelter x242Saber 12,259
3Automata x140Assassin 7,075
Killing Doll x136Assassin 13,234
Helter Skelter x145Saber 27,259

Part 4

1Helter Skelter x242Saber27,234
Killing Doll x142Assassin15,834
2Automata x140Assassin9,686
Helter Skelter x140Saber43,324

Part 5

1Helter Skelter x138Saber106,940
2Charles Babbage x168Caster207,550
Helter Skelter x145Saber35,411

11. Angrboda

Part 1

1Skeleton x233Saber5,472
2Skeleton x133Saber5,472
Zombie x233Saber8,513
3Zombie x233Saber8,513
Skeleton x144Saber9,784

Part 2

1Skeleton x334Lancer5,959
2Zombie x336Lancer8,580
3Skeleton x138Lancer5,959
Zombie x140Lancer8,580

Part 3

1Zombie x138Archer8,494
Skeleton x236Archer5,662
2Zombie x238Archer8,494
3Skeleton x341Archer11,378

Part 4

1Demon God Barbatos x131Extra 202,128

12. Lightning Legend

Part 1

1Homunculus x341Lancer16,964
2Proto Homunculus x132Lancer43,026
Homunculus x242Lancer21,205

Part 2

1Spellbook x140Caster12,894
Homunculus x240Lancer32,273
2Spellbook x241Caster12,894
Wind Book x136Caster48,588

Part 3

1Spellbook x240Caster10,870
Homunculus x141Lancer18,136
2Homunculus x241Lancer18,136
Ice Book x141Caster18,136
3Thunder Book x236Caster20,948
Proto Homunculus x133Lancer51,357

Part 4

1Nikola Tesla x148Archer 226,891

13. Then, Beyond the Fog

Part 1

1Spellbook x240Caster10,864
Fire Book x140Caster14,255
2Spellbook x140Caster10,864
Fire Book x242Caster14,255
3Wind Book x238Caster18,484
Fire Book x144Caster25,846

Part 2

1Spellbook x140Caster10,864
Thunder Book x134Caster12,861
Wind Book x140Caster12,861
2Fire Book x134Caster12,861
Ice Book x134Caster12,861
Grimoire x134Caster52,861

Part 3

1Nikola Tesla x138Archer 182,134

Part 4

1Artoria Pendragon [Alter] x161Lancer 253,881

Part 5

1Solomon x155Extra 257,216

London Pickup 2 Summon (Spoiler)

Pickup Servants

Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla

  • Guts.
  • Invincibility Pierce on skill.
  • NP charge skill.
  • NP does bonus damage to Sky and Earth attribute enemies on overcharge.
Arturia Pendragon (Alter)
Altria (Alter)
  • AOE Buster NP, ignores defense, inflicts curse and NP seal.
  • Powerful Self Buster up.
  • Absorb stars with skill.
  • Party wide attack up.
  • Story locked.
Henry Jekyll & Hyde
Henry Jekyll & Hyde
Henry Jekyll & Hyde is sent to your box.
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla becomes available in the Story Summon.
Altria Pendragon (Alter)
Altria (Alter, Lancer)
Altria (Alter, Lancer) becomes available in the Story Summon.

Rewards for completing London (Spoiler)

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When it increases the bond is it only for one or all
Jalter in jp tier list b rank wtf?, missing oda nobunaga archer and nursery rhyme.
Missing medea, leonidas and jekkyll dudes.
Despite the demerits, the buffs are really strong. Scathach being better than Tamamo is really un...
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