5 Star Servants Tier List: Best Servants [5/9 updated!]

Why has Waver suddenly been moved from S to A?
On further evaluation using the current criteria, Waver seems to work purely on the premise that he has allies. In any case that the plan falls apart and he is the lone survivor, he doesn't have any tools to win on his own. Especially with the nature of his NP as a debuff.
<< Ur-Thor
This is like saying a legend-tier shield is not that great because you -might- break all your five weapons. It's not the shield's fault if that happens.

If any player has Waver and just keeps playing and summoning, having other high tier servants is not just a premise but a mathematical inevitability.
<< Anonymous
You are correct. It is not the shield's fault. However we must still consider the situation of how effective that shield is when it is the only one left.
<< Ur-Thor
If that's the case then, shouldn't he be B instead of A?

According to the marking criteria, A rank requires good 1v1 ability.

Also, why is Merlin still SS if this is the deciding factor? He's better, but still nowhere near the "Class disadvantage is negligible, has an easy 50/50 in a wide variety of matchups" level.

If you throw him solo into rider bosses, he's going to get destroyed.
<< Anonymous
That is true. We still need to look into adjusting how the criteria works.

Waver still has some level of 1v1 or last standing capabilities but that's reliant on his NP stunning his opponents consistently.

Though high DPR and pierce skill bosses can still easily 🔥 him. Merlin still has ridiculous sustain which should cover many fights. Unless his skills are on CD.
<< Ur-Thor
This is one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. By your logic, the only high tier servants are the ones that make excellent anchor servants -- and that's absurd, especially in the support unit meta that is Fate GO.



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