5 Star Servants Tier List: Best Servants [5/9 updated!]

Why is scathach on c tier and brynhildr and karna on A tier? That doesn't make any sense.
Quick is dead + Multiple health bars on enemies so one time damage burst servants like Scathach aren't thaaaat helpful anymore
Are you accounting for the Merlin Synergy stat?

I'm not sure about Karna, but Brynhildr was always just barely behind Scathach.

Now Merlin's giving Brynhildr the main benefit of a dodge and buffing her Noble Phantasm with Hero Creation, but not Scathach's.
Have you been reading the other comments?sorry to disappoint you but quickteams are dead and 1 shot burst servants like scat Isn’t as reliable anymore because of multiple healthbars
<< Anonymous
Sorry but quick teams are back. (I understand that they were dead the time you wrote your comment, but I just felt the need to say it xd)
Too much of this doesn't make any sense. I suggest checking out Rabbit's Reviews on Reddit (that's a lotta R's!) for far more apt servant analyses.
<< Anonymous
If Merlin synergy was a huge factor, why dafaq is Raikou so low on the list, are you kidding me? She doesn't even need Merlin's NP as an engine to procc for her insane damage, not to mention that every part of his kit screams compatibility with her kit. The criteria that this list makes is questionable at best.



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